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The act of a girl having intercourse with a set number of Fraternity members either at once or in a row. These include:
Bro- One brother
Double Bro- Two brothers
Triple Bro- Three brothers
OverBro- Four brothers
Brotacular- Five brothers
Brotrocity- Six brothers
Brollimanjaro- Seven brothers
Brotastrophe- Eight brothers
Bropocalypse- Nine brothers
Brollionaire- Ten brothers

Also included are the mythical bro streaks of bromanity:
Atom Bro- All members of a single chapter fraternity on campus.

Bro-mination- All members of a fraternity on a campus.
Bro-bonic Plague- All members of a fraternity in chapter across the country.

These streaks could end in three ways:
Brosplosion- the act of one or more fraternity members ejaculating on an unsuspecting female
BroBalls- The act of a brother getting cut off from finishing intercouse. The fraternity version of Blue balls.
Rape- self-explanatory
Cindy: I got a Bro Streak of Triple Bro last night.
Karen: Thats cool, I heard Lexi got a brotastrophe. She's such a slut.
Cindy: I know.

Kyle: We totally Bro streaked that bitch.
Tom: Yeah, Fist-pump!
by Eazy1 December 07, 2010

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