When you are with your "bros" in a public place, and you see an attractive female, instead of saying, "check out that hot chick," one would say "yo dude, bro call to the right." It can also be used as a question. "Is that chick a bro call man?"

The bro call ensures that guys can openly discuss a female's appearance without her knowing.
Dude, is that chick a bro call?

Hey man, check out that bro call, straight ahead.
by Zach "The" Sokol November 11, 2008
Top Definition
A Bro Call is the call of a bro in need of a VERY IMPORTANT favor or help. Every bro gets one Bro Call for each bro.

That means that he can only use one Bro Call on a bro, and his bro must respond to it UNLESS they have something that is equally or even more important than their bro's Bro Call.

If a person has already requested a Bro Call from a bro, he can ask for one more Bro Call from the same person. If that same person accepts the request, he gets an extra Bro Call. This can repeat as many times as that person accepts.
#1; "I really, REALLY need a ride to the mall."

#2; "Is that a Bro Call?"

#1; "Yeah.. I really need to get a birthday present for my girlfriend but I have no ride."

#2; "Alright. I'll take ya."
by Stormi57 November 28, 2012
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