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1. A beard style that naturally grows on a bro
2. A beard which innately designates someone as a bro

-From chops to chin
-Strictly chin hair
"Dude, check that guy out! He's such a bro!"
"No kidding, check out his bro beard."
by RobertOldhead April 07, 2009
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Bro Beard, simply put. Where a bro cuts his hair with a 1 guard, so it's super short, then has a thick beard that totally offsets it, so it's unbalanced. Must be accentuated by lack of wearing the Bro, Flat Billed black hat cocked to the side.
Ohh myyy, check out that Bro. I bet he has a family of squirrels living in that Bro Beard. What a bro!! LOL
by Bro's spread like syphilis March 05, 2011
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