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British Knights were a dope] shoe] that had the late 1980s and early 1990s on lock-down. BK's were not for the faint hearted - they sported massive decals, plastic add-ons and had tongues bigger than oven mitts. They were particularly popular with basketballer]s, crip gangbangers] and homeboys]. Its rumoured that 76% of hip hop and techno artists during the 1990s wore British Knights at one time or the other. The remaining 24% wore a combination of adidas, puma, Troop and SPX.
British Knights fell off after the golden age of hip hop] era ended - largely in part due to idiots claiming nike was a better brand. These idiots have so far eluded the old skool] police, but when they are caught, they will experience large amounts of pain for their silly views.
Theyre dope shoes youre wearing there Leroy!

Word up yo. Theyre my new British Knights yo!

I'll give you 400 pairs of Nike air max if you let me wear them for a while.

Sorry, no deal. My British Knights are hella dope.
by Gee Dawg January 22, 2007
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Crips called British Knight because of the shoes they where called British Knights they where those because of the abv. BK (Blood Killers)
Oh shit so British Knights are about to roll up if they slow down cut for it.
by Doe C Doe February 24, 2005
Cheap $15 shoes that are sold at K mart
Poor Kid: Look at my new shoes
Me: Those are cheap. When I was buying my PSP I saw those for $15
by J2the J May 28, 2005
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