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"Brinn-on" "Wa-sh-ing-ton"

A place where the term "local drunk" gets confused with majority of the populace. A place where mountains meet the sea but its a damn Fjord and its called a Canal! A place where tourist get gored by blood thirsty elk and no one can hear you sequel like a gopher. A town where you can drive through and the atlas would say "Not found."

Welcome to the town of BRINNON! Where dreams come to die.... or at least get drunk and raise youngons on welfare.
So where are you going to bob?

Iam going to Brinnon Washington I heard they got great shell fish and elk to see!

Ok thats nice.... can I have your DVD player?


Your going to Brinnon and Iam just wondering what I get in your will?
by Rockos Wild Rugrats March 18, 2011
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