1. Jonny Craig

2. An amazing mixture of brilliant and fantastic. To be used when one adjective is just not good enough to describe how awesome, fascinating, stunning, marvelous and unbelievably good something is.
Boy: You ever hear of Jonny Craig?

Girl: Of course, who hasn't? He's brilliantastic. You wish you could be like him.
by KawaiiKylene April 12, 2011
Top Definition
A word that mixes brilliant with fantastic to make brilliantastic. This word can be used to express an emotion that is so spectacular that you need both brilliant and fantastic to portray how great it is.
Cool Guy : Oh no! the new gay rights proposal was approved!
Queer Faggot : Oh what brilliantastic news!
Cool Guy : Ah shut up you stupid faggot!
by Mattaldinho July 30, 2008
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