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A cultural wasteland; a town full of rich white people, primarily snotty middle schoolers, soccer moms, and wiggers.
Example #1

*Guy #1 - Look at that kid, she has american eagle clothes, ugg boots, a coach purse, and an iphone!
*Guy #2 - She must be a Brighton Michigan kid.

Example #2

*Guy #1 - look at all those wiggers hanging out by their brand new car that one of their parents bought for them.
*Guy #2 - That's Brighton Michigan for ya.
by aequitas777 February 23, 2011
An awesome little city that's fun to hang out in, whether it's at the mill pond (to see afro duck! :D) or the movies, you'll just enjoy it.
Has some pretty cool kids, if you get to know them. Who know how to party any place any time. They aren't all rich snobs.
Person 1: Hey what town is this? It's pretty nice...
Person 2: Dude this is Brighton Michigan, it's pretty cool.
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