GAY band that has butt sex on stage
KYLE CAMARGO like bright eyes so therefore likes butt sex with men
by Kenny4545346535463657367 March 17, 2008
The mere mention of this band makes me want to wear all black, and wet my mascara so that it runs down my face in all my emo glory...nah
but seriously a great band lead by the eternal Conor O, the father of my children (or hopefully one day soon)
Conor O is a beautiful person with a deep persepective of life and love AMEN!

hey that guy was almost as hot as conor o
by blah June 04, 2004
Omaha's most recent sell outs
Conor is such a fucking sell out.
by herbert May 07, 2005
1. A crappy band.
2. Singer sounds like a goat.
3. Will soon sign to Virgin records and will start appearing in young teen magazines.
"Hey, this guy sounds like a goat."
by pink bullet October 26, 2004

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