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a posh, wierd, new boy who comes to school with a briefcase and is simply a wanker so is called 'breifcase wanker' by students
see him? hes a briefcase wanker!
by inbetweenerLover October 21, 2011
A phrase used to insult somebody carrying a briefcase.
Can be shortened to 'briefcase' or 'brief'.
"You briefcase wanker!"

"Stop being a briefcase."

"What are you doing Ben, you brief."
by brianurlacher54 December 02, 2008
An insult commonly used against those who carry briefcases.
Bully: Look at that briefcase wanker!
Briefcase Wanker: Fuck off, faggot!
by badboyCHANCE October 24, 2010