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a suburb of Aberdeen, North-East Scotland
Bridge of Don is split into smaller areas. suburbs if you will.

these are: Danestone, Denmore, Dubford, Grandholm, Jesmond, Middleton Park, Ashwood, Mundurno, and Scotstown.

The schools in this area are Danestone Primary,Greenbrae Primary, Bridge of Don Academy, Oldmachar Academy, Braehead Primary,Middleton Park Primary, Forehill Primary, Glashieburn Primary and Scotstown Primary

having lived there for all my life so far, i would say bridge of don is a reasonable area to live in, i have never seen any racists, muggers, drug-dealers or generally anti-social people there. also, it is quiet and the houses are nice. Middleton park is probably the best school out of the lot of them, the pupils are very well behaved so its a bit of a shock when you go up to oldie (oldmachar academy) and meet less well behaved people. people tend to not speak so much dorick up there apart from "dah kenn" which is actually wrong as its "dinna kenn"
however, bridge of don, like all towns has its drawbacks. teenagers are very spoiled, image-conscious, vain and materialistic. should your total income fall less than 30,000 annually you don't want to send your kids there, go for hazelhead, torry, rosemount or midstocket instead
i just went to aberdeen today but i forgot where

I've been before, describe it

it was very peaceful, green, the houses were beautiful, i didn't see any hoodies and i didn't get any racist comments, i saw teenage girls with links london bracelets, hollister hoodies and tops that showed their tummies hanging around with teenage boys with superdry jackets, nike kicks and spiked hair. everyone could speak perfect english

oh, you're thinking of bridge of don then, nice place that.
by RainbowSmiley1997 May 02, 2011
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