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A person of such mental retardation that they attempt to jump off the bridge in Tol Barad Peninsula to escape fatal pvp combat.
Wow, did you guys just see my man Darkcheddar go full Bridge Jumper trying to get away from Manglespam as he was pushing his shit in.
by Fauxven February 17, 2011
1. One who follows/adheres to trends.

2. One who is easily influenced by others (ie. "If 'x' jumped off a bridge, would you?")
That jerk is such a bridge jumper; he does what ever his friends tell him is cool.
by Lunsy August 17, 2006
A clueless follower, some with no direction.
1. Like the old saying gos if everyone was jumping of a bridge would you there fo you would be called a "bridge jumper" for trying to be like everyone else.
by deadfred1390 May 22, 2013
A Bridge Jumper is somebody who tries to jump off a bridge in TB Peninsula only to find that the bridge has an invisible wall. It is mainly attempted by members of a guild called Thundercats on the Shattered Hand server. They happen to be a guild full of pre-teen homosexual experimentalists who also gain sexual gratification through attempting to kill members of the opposing faction who are in the process of questing.
Windscythe: "Hey can I go through the side of this bridge?"
Manglespam: "No. What are you a Bridge Jumper?"
Windscythe: "Oh I'm so sorry. Can I suck your dick?"
Manglespam: "Yes, but only figuratively."
by TEH BATMANS April 15, 2011

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