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Equipment needed:

1. Girl
2. Jumper cables
3. Bucket of ice cubes
4. Boots
5. Proper safety knowledge

Chain your "freak on a leash" (a willing "Bride", of course) to a steel pole . . . arms bound above her head . . . completely buck-naked.

Ice down her nipples (nipple rings "perferred") with ice cubes until their erect like icicles.

Showtime . . . clamp one end of the jumper cables to a car battery and the other end to her nipples. Make sure you are wearing boots with the proper insulation.

To ensure she is receiving the proper "charge" . . . spark her ass-nition with your power rod . . .

and Enjoy ! ! !
One night I was working late in my auto garage when a barbie doll walked in needing a "jump" . . . suffice to say I gave her the "Bride of Clamp-N-Stein".
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
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