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1). the act of twanging your flinching pinger with your middle finger as if you were pinging some ones lug

"haha quality I have a pinger! how random!.. am well away to twang this bad boy :-)"

2). drawing a shlong on a note pad with the banger becoming more and more erect with every flick of a page...

"aaaaah nothing like a nice refreshing pint after work eh... here! pass me that note pad mate... ok, but why?... because I have worked hard today and I want to draw several penis`s on paper OK! with the 1st page harbouring a sketch of a flacid love lance, centre page will show a semi and the last page having a full blown, full on throbbing turgid pinger"
Bricker flicker penis paper cock book
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk November 29, 2011
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