Brianne, often referred to as 'Bree', is a pretty,insightful yet socially awkward girl who thinks the worst of her self. She is a great person to be around and is not what she first seems. If you ever meet a Brianne be sure to hold onto her.
Her 2 downsides are:
1. She has low self image despite the fact she is Gorgeous, Funny and is quite attractive, both in appearance and personality.

2. She often rain-checks on any plans or offers that might arise.
"Hey dude I met this girl Brianne, she is pretty awesome, and hot too but she keeps rain checking on me. I think it's me aye."
by Downshifter-3285 August 22, 2014
a large soda can that used to: squish meat, drink out of, cover up hickeys with, keep hickey-cover-up in it, stomp on when mad, throw at hovering hovers named hov, throw at dinosaurs, throw at people who dont understand why others are ashamed, keep from thirsting while travelling on a train to maryland, and finally can be used as a megaphone.
i really dont have any examples, find a brianne yourself.
by heeeeeeeeeeellloaisdfuj January 21, 2008
A disgusting smell, a mixture of socks & fish. Can be smelt from far away. Often resembles beavers, has a beak like nose.
she's a brianne!
by fjsdlkfs November 02, 2009

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