The Reason I started to play guitar. Ex-Bandmember of the Best (Nu-metal) Band in the world! Plays on a sevenstring Ibanez guitar. Sometimes on a double-neck with 14 strings! He quit the best band in the world for God.... ( Now church ruined my life... Thank you ) ... If you ever hear the band -Fall of the Era- or -Fall of Era- notice that theyre lead guitarist is... Me and a follower of BRIAN!
KoRn Fan: Hey, I met Brian "Head" Welch the other day!
KoRn Fan 2: Im so jelous!
KoRn Fan: I know, becouse he is the COOLEST person on earth!
by KoRnFanSinceIWas12 March 08, 2009
Top Definition
A guy that gave up drugs and alcohol for God. He is now better than his old band KoRN in which he was the lead guitarist for.
KoRN Fan: Man, Brian "Head" Welch is so much better than KoRN i but I am too much of a diehard KoRN fan to like him better, damn!

Me And Other Lost Rock Fans: :P
by patsfan546 April 07, 2009
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