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Idiots completely oblivious to the fact that their team sucks. Consistently certain their team will win their division, despite being back numerous games and guaranteed to blow a lead if they ever get one (Ex: 2007).
Brewers Fan: The Brewers will win the division easy! They're the best team in the history of baseball!

Guy who's not retarded: But the Cubs have the best record in baseball and a 5.5 game lead and the Brewers are only a few games over having played an incredibly easy schedule.

Brewers Fan: Cubs suck, der der der der der! Whatever, so you want me to give you a BJ or something?

GWNR: What!? No! I'm not gay!

Brewers Fan: Well I am!! Must . . . have. . . penis . . . insiiiiidddddeeeeeee meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Saucy09 June 20, 2008
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