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A preppy, semi-dim-witted girl often seen in clusters (ie. Brendies.) Brendies often come from wealthy families and are typically naive to the ways of the world, men, and suffering of other people. A Brendy can usually be marked by blonde hair, squeaky voice, short skirts, over-sized handbags, small dogs in purses, far-away expressions, pink clothing/accessories etc. etc. etc. (I'm sure you get the gist.) though these characteristics are not always present, chances are you will still know a Brendy when you see one.
"Ugh! It's another Brendy."

"I can't stand those Brendy girls."
by Eyebrowz December 21, 2012
dodgey boy whos nickname is hitler because if he had the chance he'd kill every one related to you
I threatened my girlfriend by saying I'd brendy her.
by hitler February 03, 2004
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