Stupid cheerqueer bitch that wears her hair on top of her head in a gay little bun thing cuz she thinks its "cool' ad looks like a pug and laughs like a sped and strips fer allan at p.e.
"Brenae is such a little fucking ho."
by Riffin October 03, 2003
Top Definition
Your first name Brenae has given you a friendly, likable nature, and you can excel in artistic, dramatic, and musical expression. With this name, you desire the finer things in life, but you do not always have the resolve and vitality to put forth the effort necessary to fulfill your desires. Your emotional feelings are easily affected and you will always be involved in other people's problems as a result of your overly sympathetic nature.
Briana, Brena, brittanie, brenae
by Nikki196 January 05, 2012
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