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A girl who puts out, one who is used up and wasted trash. Usually is on cheerleading
She is like a breann!
by austintothemax October 25, 2007
83 302
a beautiful girl has good charisma, fun to be with out going like to have a good times trust able and responsible is sexy and hot and fairly short
you are so like Breann
by bre514 October 27, 2008
246 84
A girl who loves having a good time, in a long relationship, likes to be loud, has monkey feet, has trouble understanding lexys, messy room, very good friend, beautiful, awesome dance moves
I wanna be Breanns friend!
by marketplace December 08, 2010
132 55
The best looking girl in school. If you're lucky enough to ever get a chance to chat with this gorgeous girl, don't blow it. She is beautiful inside and out, and the sweetest human being. A Breann is normally extremely athletic and intelligent, making her very popular wherever she goes. She is stunning to look at and has boys crawling all over her. They all want to be her best friend and win over her heart. Girls are normally jealous of her, but can never seem to hate her due to her kindness. Whoever ends up with a Breann will be the luckiest guy ever. Breann's are also freaks in the sheets. ;)
Damn, look at that Breann I wish I could be her!
by matt678 August 18, 2013
29 5
a hot coonass
breann is a true coonass
by bemfsgd June 29, 2011
54 37