The best movie alive -- shows kids struggles and stuff about all types of kids with comedy romance and drama also under the breakfast club
does barry manilow know that u raid his wardrobe?
by AKA March 12, 2005
A morning session usually before school starts in which a group of students all meet at the same place and just relax while smoking/vaporizing marijuana.
Me: You down for a Breakfast Club tomorrow?
Other guy: Yeah man
by A1lee09 May 26, 2009
one of the best 80s teen movies about these five High school students a Jock a Preppy a beauty Queen a Weirdo and a Thug who spend the whole saturday in Detention and end up baring there souls to each other
I grew up with this movie
by Admir DeMondo April 24, 2004
The breakfast club is a group of extremely exclusive kids doing extremely vile things who worship the number 33. 33 is not just a number, but a way of life. Consuming beverages is not just an option, but a habit. They love girls with nice curves. The rest of this secretive club is unknown. But, know this, they are all straight..
BC Member #1: Yo, are you tryin to hit this?
BC Member #2: Ofcourse..
by T. February 02, 2005

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