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To have a very intimate conversation with a complete stranger who afterwords tells everyone. Debrived from the scene in The Breakfast Club were they all are talking about there gay little problems
Dude I was talking to Andy and he went breakfast clubbed me and told victoria i wanted to tap her
by Whowy110 March 30, 2010
When something seems like it's going to be funny but then you're given the ol' one-two and it turns sad . Much like the flare gun suicide bit among the dance montages of the movie The Breakfast Club
I got Breakfast Clubbed while watching Inside Out with my kids. I thought it was going to be all fun and games until {Bing Bong} went and sacrificed himself.

I got Breakfast Clubbed at brunch with my rents. I thought life was all waffle bars and mimosas until they told me they were cutting me off. Balls.
by Bossgay March 18, 2016
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