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Someone who thinks they are legit because they skip to the break down in every song, because they are so hxc like that brah.
Brocore kid #1: brah listen to 2:30 to 3:00 in that one august burns red song. Its soo sick. Its like ticka ticka ticka "I LOVE JESUS!" ticka china cymbal double bass combo ticka!

Brocore kid#2: MCMB's breakdown is so effin hardcore. its like ticka tick ticktickaaa tick! China cymbal! I like so want to throw down to that.

Brocore kid#1: So like brootal bro fah.


Brocore kid#2: hey come smoke these 27's with me brah and listen to breakdowns

Brocore kid#1: legitt fah!

Hardcore kid#1: Your such a fucking Break Down Whore

Kid who is so metal#1: Fuckin Slayer!
Satan! Fuck yeah!!!!
by soeffinlegitbrah January 02, 2010

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