Someone who copies someone else, either in word, action or through dress sense.
Someone buys the same trainers as u
"You're such a breader man!"
"Why you breading for?"
by Laydee Temper.. x March 29, 2004
Top Definition
1. One engaging in the act of breading chicken.

2. One who makes bread.
1. I'm the best breast breader around son!

2. The breader down the street owes me some bread nigga.
by Kragmarth May 28, 2009
Somebody who acts as a brownose, and 'bigs up' excessively other people
If someone excessively bigs up someone the phrase can be used

"Oi man, stop being a breader"
by Mylesperhour June 12, 2004
Word disparingly used by gay people to refer to straight people.
"Ha ha look at those dumb ass breaders arguing about their noisy ass kids!"
by LesboTerri October 07, 2007
Derivative of 'bredwins' or 'bredrins'. Basically means bread-winner and is used to refer to any other person, in most cases male, but not necessarily ones friend or a person of one's accquaintance.
"Right I'm gonna count to 3, then I'm gonna start hittin breaders."
by The Crimson Avenger December 18, 2003
A term used to describe those who dislike imported vehicles, whether or not they are cosmetically enhanced. They prefer to call the owners of these vehicles "Ricers", therefore they in turn are called "Breaders". Breaders typically own an unmodified and/or cosmetically distasteful domestic vehicles (be it by rust or dirt).

See "Bread".
"Yo. That guy who crashed his cavalier through the wall at the import show is such a Breader."
"I guess that's why Breaders never take showers. They don't rust-proof themselves."
by ZeroFuser April 02, 2007
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