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A typically ornate wooden box from the 18th century bound in polished brass. The box usually had a hole for receiving a penis and a handle on the side that when turned, feathers providing auto erotic stimulation to the operator.

Commissioned in 1725 by Peter the Great, a superb box was a gifted to the Danish sailor Vitus Bering before he set out on his historic voyage to prove that Siberia and America were not joined by land. The channel between the two countries was named after him.

Legend has it that the ship's Engineer on the good ship Venus broke his jerry built wanking machine and whipped his balls to cream.
Bring me a boy!!!!.........Blast!
Bring me another boy!!!!..........Blast!

Bring me my Brass Bound Buggery Box, these boys split too easily!
by ergie December 29, 2009
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