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The stupid wastes of sperm & eggs that judge people by their appearance, occupation, hobbies, music taste etc. They often categorise people into a culture/sub-culture, & define them on the basis of their own shallow perspective. Alot of them post these definitions on urban dictionary.
Branding Asshole #1: That guy is so skinny, his hairs messy, he’s into art & bands that no one has ever heard of ... he’s such an indie fag.

Branding Asshole #2: But I saw him surfing the other day. Indie boys don’t surf!

Branding Asshole #3: I know! Surfers are just idiots who wear bright coloured tees & board shorts, even when their not on the beach & they usually have bleached hair. They also listen to pop rock bands like ‘All American Rejects’.

Branding Asshole #4: But I saw a song from The All American Rejects on the indie guys Ipod!

Branding Asshole #5: He must be a ‘scenester’ then.

Branding Asshole #6: I heard his girlfriends a indie chick. She wears vintage clothing & shit & likes to read alot.

Branding Asshole #7: I saw her shopping at ‘Supre’ the other day ...

Branding Asshole #8: She’s such a wannabe then.

Normal OPEN-MINDED person: You guys, are pathetic.

The point is kiddos, if a person does certain things that would make other people identify that person with a sub-culture, & then do something that would contradict the normal atmosphere of that subculture, they shouldn’t be labelled ‘indie’ or ‘surfie’ or ‘scenester’ (whatever the fuck that is). You can’t just define a person on superficialities, because in turn your defining YOURSELF as a superficial person. I listen to some indie bands & at the same time listen to other music that I enjoy, such as Chris brown! I love art & I love reading but I also like watching meaningless chick flicks. I wear what I think looks nice, & what I feel comfortable in, & don’t obsess over making myself look like an individual. You Branding Assholes out there might label me as some sort of wannabe (because that’s just what you do), but I define myself, for myself, & I don’t see myself as belonging to any of those stupid stereotypes.
by Kaisar January 09, 2009
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