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When you get so sick and tired of seeing a fucking moose on everybody's shirt that you consider burning all you abercrombie clothes that used to be the shit in sixth grade, and spend tons of cash on other cheap ass brand name shit thats probs made in a sweatshop in china... just to get brand name sickness again...
Abercrombiho- oh my gosh! Isnt this shirt like so tots amaze!!! Just got it from holistr last night... Turn up!
NormalCivilizedFUCKnPerson- yah welll... Its not really special cuz eveyone wears it...
Abercrombiho- OMG your such a hipster!!

NormalCivilizedFUCKnPerson- no.... I just got brand name sickness...
by NormalFUCKNperson January 13, 2014

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