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A brain victim is a person who spends half of their day sleeping and the other half stepping back to blow that nasty kush. When one partakes in such activities, they usually prefer strains of the herb such as that sweet lavender or sour diesel kush. After the brain victim blows that kush in someones face, they experience a state of being 'binged' which then results in them to be forgetful, stupid, and very very tired. Usually the brain victim then falls back to a state of slumber, only to wake up and call up Rezdawg to make a purchase of some more of those sticky danked out nugs. This lifestyle includes the spending of massive amounts of cash flow, on ounce after ounce of useless herb.
"I uhh.. i might be a brain victim, but you, you know me." -The Brain Victim
by Kush Master X December 14, 2010
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