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an unwanted mental image that keeps popping up in your brain
Person 1: "omg there were these two gay guys making out on the couch at this party, and i can't get the image out of my head."
Person 2: "ha, you've got brain spam"
by Jake521825 September 08, 2008
brain spam is when there's tons of unsolicited thoughts, images, and sounds incoming amongst what's actually pertinent and relevant information.
I tried to do my midterm but I kept getting all this damn brain spam
by The Postatron 3000 March 16, 2010
When a person repeats the same stupid troll tactics so much it hurts your head to read it.
Spammer:Boy I am the best troll on here. You must be so butt hurt.
Victim : You have said that so many times it is turning into brainspam.
by Admin Tom May 12, 2011

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