What white people call Bradford because of the large Asian population.
Let's go to Bradistan this weekend - you can pick up a great curry there.
by Jigs got a passport November 10, 2004
Top Definition
Slang name for West Yorkshire city of Bradford, so-called due to large Musilim population. Majority of Asian population of Pakistani extract, hence the merging of the names Bradford and Pakistan to 'Bradistan'.
Ahmed: I need to go into Leeds for a pint of milk and some curry powder.

Muhammed: Why not go to Bradistan. The streets are vibrant with multiculturalism, and the curry powder prices can't be beat.

Ahmed: Shut the fuck up.
by Mr Stabby March 21, 2005
Slang for Bradford. used mainly by white people to show the massive amount of muslim/asian people in the community

Another word like this is "pakiford"
Am off to bradistan for a curry.
by Dal205 April 14, 2006
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