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A restaurant founded by actor and meth dealer, Brad Pitt. This wonderful place was founded in the year 2007, and is located on the top of Mt. Vesuvius in Dallas, TX. Millions of visitors come each year from all around the world to try dishes such as "dick on a stick," "stick on a dick," and "fried fish." For more information, search Brad's Butterscotch Dicksicle Cafe on Google. This place is the shit, no toilet. However, they do have PUBLIC bathrooms near the main entrance. And we're talkin PUBLIC. If you'd like to be seen by multiple people of all nationalities while taking a shit, come on down.
George: "Man, I'm hungry."

Jorge: "Dude, let's go to Brad's butterscotch dicksicle cafe! I hear they have the best fried fish!"

George: "Who gives a fuck about the fish, I'm lookin for that dick on a stick!"

Jorge: "I can help you out with that right here. No need to go to Dallas. Just fetch me that chopstick over there."

George: "......"
by That kid from the zuu April 06, 2011

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