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1. The wrath of angry feminists. 2. Something that is likely to incite the wrath of angry(are there any other kind) feminists. 3. The destructive force of a burning womans undergarment-P=pounds of flaming bra...equation p=dd squared is usually the best calcution xD
1.--"we all know women should be barefoot pregnant and chained to a stove, but Dee better shut up or he's going to light the fuze on a Bra-Bomb"-- 2."all this talk about abortion is going to set of a bra-bomb"--3. "I was unable to complete my portion of the research project because I was stung all about the head and face by red-hot underwires when the Feminist Liberation Army detonated a Bra Bomb outside the student union"
by DanRatherNot December 16, 2009
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