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a school in the "ghetto section" of hicktown. A bunch of druggies mixed in with a bunch of farmers. The results consist of a bunch of inbreds and wanna-be-whores . The main hangout spot is CVS in the middle of the shit-ass town. 99% of the people have a staring problem. The main goal for many of the teens here is too sell enough drugs to get enough money for a shitty muffler on their shitty car. if you come back in 10 years, 99% of the people will still be working at mcDonalds/Zerns.
Guy 1: "Hey that guy has been working at Zerns for 20 years!"
Guy 2: "Yep, he went to Boyertown Highschool."
#synonyms: homeofdrugs #scumtown #hicktown #kkktown #farmland
by Boyetown scum observer February 11, 2012
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