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Many people of the White/Caucasian race in an elevator at one time.
Shaquan: Ayo I can't believe dat fool Mrs. Mackenzie made us go to da libary

Shawnta: I no nigga I haven't been to da libary in a minute son

Librarian: Boys, the elevator is this way.

Shaquan: Nah bitch we taken dem stairs, that elevator is a box of crackers
by gmanstation January 15, 2010
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A group of Rednecks packed in the cab and bed of a pickup
"It's Friday night at the local Wal*Mart,and everywhere ya look,ya see a box of crackers,hootin' and hollerin',their
system cranked up,blasting Skynyrd"
by rico1165 September 30, 2007

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