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To be so angry with someone that your whole upper body becomes tense to the point where your shoulders elevate, your arms rise, and you find yourself in the face of your new adversary.
Why are you actin' all bowed up and stuff fool?!?
by Kick To Your Face Dot Com May 02, 2008
To be extremely busy. To be doing multiple things at the same time.
I'm bowed up like a cutworm.
by Gigajacob December 29, 2008
When a person has a large fish on the line and the rod is bent to the point where it feels as though the rod or the line is about to snap
Man, I saw you out trolling for salmon the other day, you were all bowed up!
by kingfisher66 April 17, 2011
Can be used in many instances. Bowed up ususally refers to someone or something being large, but can also refer to the positioning of something, or to describe things in abnormally large numbers.
That guy is bowed-up. Man I went to the club, and it was bowed-up in there. Dude, Matt is bowed-up on the toilet. We had six people bowed-up on that truck the other night.
by Marcus Smith September 18, 2006