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A pretentious group of friends from the May 2011 BB; opinionated, forceful girls who enjoy preaching about how honest they are, with long bouts of domineering, and the occasional gang up; ladies who are pompous and self important; something they tell themselves that many aspire to be, but very few would actually like to attain.

Girls who are likely to tell you the truth rather than fill you with unicorn lies. Unless they are asked about their 'secret club' to which they respond with condescending remarks and a somewhat bullying attitude.

I heard that girl is a botchy notch! Really? I want to be just like her-- ONLY JOKING! HAHAHA! She's always is so narky and opinionated when she has her computer in front of her and her cool online gang behind her! I bet she has social difficulties in the real world too!

*Where there is one there are many!
by nuttinbutdatruth! May 16, 2011
A group of women whose autocorrect on their phones came up with this phrase. In turn they used it to form a group of women that claim to be of higher standard than others.

The higher standard can only be proven on internet forums, since there is proof of them in real life.
This women of Botchy Notches are not the original Notches. It was already made up before they came along
by lovescrewinground August 12, 2011
A bunch of anonymous women on the May 2011 Birth Club on BBC. In order to feel better about themselves they post thoughtless and inflammatory responses in order to get a rise out of other posters. If anyone calls one of them out of her (or his) bullshit, the gang of botchy notches descend upon the post littering it with useless and insulting comments until the post is turned off for being disruptive.

Bitches with no life that life who flame on the computer.
Why did my post get shut down?

Oh the botchy notches decided it was their job to “tell it like it is” but instead flamed the post so it got shut down.

Who are they?

They are a bunch of women who hang out online all day flaming instead of improving their lives or doing real work.
by Carl J. Otto September 25, 2011
A wonderful group of friends from the May 2011 BB; nice, wholesome girls who enjoy puppies, long walks on the beach, and the occasional clown; Ladies who are funny and caring; something many aspire to be, but few are able to attain.

Girls who are likely to tell you the truth rather than fill you with unicorn lies.

I heard that girl is a botchy notch! Really? I want to be just like her-- she always is so wise and funny. I bet she is really pretty, too.
by Unicorn de jour April 13, 2011
A hilarious group of women from the May 2011 BB with the uncanny ability to get under the skin of anyone who doesn’t understand what an inside joke is. Also, botchy notches will never answer a stupid question with “words you want to hear” just to affirm your horrible parenting choices. If a mother wants to feed her 2 month old baby rice cereal just to make him/her sleep better, a botchy notch will never tell you its okay. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you are doing is a good idea even when you know it isn’t, do not ask a botchy notch, for she tells no lies.

Botchy notches find humor even in the most mundane places, because a life without laughter is no life at all.
Oh and according to some people’s example of a definition, botchy notches are “narky”.
Someone once told me it was ok to let my 2 week old cry herself to sleep, is that a good idea? OMG NO!!! Ask a botchy notch she'll tell you why!
by UnicornLOVER5000 July 29, 2011
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