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The Botamian Prophecy was a premonition that predicted the exact day and time that the Botamian supreme ruler Peezy was born - January X. It proposed that a savior would fall from sky to guide the weakened civilization, riding on top of a star.

In the premonition, the star crashes into the top of a large Botamian structure, falling through to the middle where moonlight was to dance through the newly created void. The current ruler at the time, along with the villagers, would follow a beam of light that stretched far beyond the clouds.

Based on the brief synopsis of the prophecy, the villagers didn't expect the savior to be a child and quickly grew skeptical of the Prophecy's claims.
Many Botamians abandoned the Botamian Prophecy, believing it was a mere fairy tale.
by B Peezy September 23, 2011
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