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When a guy ejaculates in a girl, then proceeds to eat her out.
Alex: Hey dude, want a Boston Creme Pie.
Brian: Sure, dude.
Alex: Go ahead I just finished banging Ashley.
by Akira Moon October 12, 2008
When an "Irish looking" woman performs oral sex on a man until he ejaculates a huge load all over her pale, freckled face.
Kevin once told me a story about this chick (whose name rhymes with pita) that used to blow him. Even though he wasn't into redheads, he couldn't resist the temptation of giving her a hot, sticky boston creme pie.
by Michael Christopher January 16, 2006
When you and a girl are going at at in whatever gets you aroused, before you "finish" with her, you take a dump on her vagina and nut all over it.
I gave Kevin's girlfriend a Boston Creme Pie yesterday, she loved it.
by Jdogg360 October 18, 2007