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Taken from the movie "Gattaca". The term is associated with a detested segment of society; one of those who refuses to play the hand that he was dealt. Most commonly known as a borrowed ladder, or a de-gene-erate.
We have a borrowed ladder who has infiltrated Gattaca and has been mascarading as one of it employees.
by T-DawG November 23, 2004
Derived from the movie Gattaca. Someone who comes from a lower class or disadvantaged background and through perseverance and perhaps some deception becomes a member of a higher class or a more desirable section of society.
Everyone at the office thinks Alex grew up rich like us, but he's a borrowed ladder - grew up in a trailer park.
by wholesum1 June 03, 2013
Album created by UK rapper & producer Asaviour in 2006 on lowlife records. The concept is closely linked to the Book & Film Gattica
Heads have been waiting for this tomb to drop for a hot minute and finally here it is. Asaviour's debut LP, The Borrowed Ladder which is set to destroy sets across the globe.
by Lengo April 08, 2010
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