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Adjective; of or relating to Borribles, characters from Michael de Larrabeiti's (1934 - 2008) Borrible Trilogy.

Borribles are runaway children who live by stealing from markets. They despise work and shun money, valuing instead independence, freedom and cunning. Something or someone is said to be "borrible" if it or they display similar characteristics.
That David Cameron's not very Borrible, is he?
by jim0203 May 15, 2009
something boring and horrible or, better, something so boring to became horrible.
Your mother is so borrible!
by Roberto Piangatelli September 13, 2007
Somethong or someone that is really boiring and horrible or, bette, that is so boiring to be horrible.
Gal, your mother is so borrible!
by Roberto Piangatelli September 19, 2007
So boring that it's horrible.
Going to the DMV is borrible.
by Kdc897 September 23, 2015
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