verb. (to bornstein): 1. To fail utterly. 2. To cause someone else to fail.

Comes from Jonathan Bornstein's non-performance as defender of the United States Men's National Team in the 2011 Gold Cup Finals.
1. "Sam totally bornsteined that interview. He'll be lucky to clean the toilets."

2. "We had the campfire starting to burn, but then Michelle bornsteined everything by dropping a bucket of water."
by hooptedoodle June 25, 2011
Top Definition
1. To have sex in the missionary position, in the dark, with the local news on in the background.

2. Thoroughly average sex that is enjoyable but utterly unremarkable.
I thought she was going to be crazy in the sack, but instead we just Bornsteined and fell asleep.
by Binskers the Cat December 15, 2009
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