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A gang that originated in East Oakland . It's "territory" is all of 80-100th avenue
Their color is black and they are represented by La Virgen of Guadalupe

their enemies are Nortenos and Surrenos.

It consists of mostly mexicans and african americans
It's co-ed..The girls are known as Border sisters
Luis: Hey lets jump that niqqa
Marco: Naw maynne he one of us!
Luis: Wait he one of us
Marco: Yee niqqa he a Border Brother
by oaklandbxtch December 26, 2009
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A Hispanic gang that started in the jails of Tijuana mx. But have chapters in San Diego, Tijuana mx, highland park ca, Oakland/San Leonardo ca, Fresno ca, Utah, Phoenix county jails, Sacramento ca, Colorado, Nevada state prisons, Idaho, and across the northwest us. They are know to be bitter enemy's with Surenos, nortenos, Fresno bulldogs, ms 13, black guerrilla familia, barrio azteca and the aryan brotherhood. The border brothers gang color is black but also flag brown with some sets they also use the number 22 as part of their gang. Since b is the second letter in the alphabet and also use the Aztec sun god with 8 sun flares as their main gang symbol.
(Guy 1) Hey man where you from? (Guy 2) big bad border brothers gang. (Guy 1) y'all some hardcore hood.
by Young guero June 22, 2013
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Term of endearment used to describe a Mexican day laborer. Used by someone who is also of Mexican origin, but fortunate enough to be born in the U.S.

I first heard this term used by another woman of Mexican descent when she was going to pick up a day laborer to help her with her yard work. Laguna Beach, California
Go pick up a border-brother to help you with the yard work.
by Sofia B August 26, 2006
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