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A term/"invention" used by Parliament and George Clinton. It is "shot" at the "funkless" and fills their being with funk and enlightenment from misguided notions.
"I'm gunna hit all of y'all with my BOP GUN!"

"Anyone who listens to Maceo Parker will have multiple wounds from the bop gun."
by GC PC August 23, 2005
It is an imaginery term/weapon to be shot at the funkless people to fill their heart with funk in order to get them dancing. Invented by Parliament and George Clinton in the 1977 song "Bop Gun (Endangered Species)".
You see a girl you like hit her with the bop gun.
by qwest April 29, 2008
A riot control weapon used by correctional facilities in the United States of America. It fires a small piece of wood with the intention incapacitating the rioter.
Shiiit dawg!!! That nigga's leg straight snapped in half when he got hit by the Bop Gun!
by Malikthegeek. July 14, 2011
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