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  /ˈfrɛnzi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation fren-zee
1. extreme mental agitation; wild excitement or derangement

The Booze Frenzy consists of 3 initial phases. Realization, Zenith and Rough morning.

The beginning of a Booze Frenzy can be characterized as the moment in time when one begins to feel the oncoming initial rush of victory brought on by a massive unholy booze habit.

The Zenith is the stage of the morning, afternoon or evening where liquor consumption approaches $75/hr and usually after "being asked to leave" several establishments. This phase continues for roughly 4-6hours after the initial realization and has a direct effect on the increased disregard for all things good, decent, legal as well as a complete lack of ethnics or morals. Virgins or Drug dealers should not be present within 20km of this.

The Rough Morning phase occurs approx. 2 hours after the zenith of the Booze Frenzy. Suicide is usually easier to deal with. Random objects are usually located during this phase. Small change, ATM receipts, Other peoples Credit Cards, drinking fines, bail documents.
"What happened to Piotr last night?"
"He descended into a Booze Frenzy and took off"
"Poor Bastards going to have a Rough Morning"
by LordPiot September 27, 2009
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