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A feeling of over-confidence received from drinking copious amounts of booze
Please give me a break, just because you're father got drunk for his tattoo in 1952 doesn't mean it was a good idea. The only time I ever got sick and light-headed from being tattooed was the one time I got tattooed drunk. All it does is give you booze balls, and if you need that to get tattooed you shouldn't be getting tattooed to begin with.
by Tuesdaybloom June 20, 2009
(noun) 1. The art of engaging in foozeball mixed with boozing. 2. The leading offenders score equals one second of chugging beer, the secondary offenders score equals two chugs, the midfielders score equals three chugs, goalline defense equals four seconds of chugging and scoring in your own goal equals five seconds chugging. 3. The game that seperates the men from the boyz.
1. "Let's play some boozeball."
2. " What you do last night before you slamdanced, played boozeball at 408?"
3. "Yo we going to the party later, want to pregame by playing some boozeball?"
by FanToes February 11, 2008
Drinking just enough alcohol to have a slight buzz, but then being cutoff from further alcohol consumption, and therefore being prevented from achieving full-on drunkenness. The alcohol equivalent of "blue balls."
Dude, I only had a few beers before they ran out, totally gave me booze balls.
by Angus_90 November 04, 2009
n: Syndrome aquired when one attempts to, or wants to, get drunk, but fails to for whatever reason. (Derived from the term Blue Balls)
"Dude, I wanted to get drunk so bad last night, but I had to drive my stupid grandmother to the hospital. Dammit, now I have booze balls."
by Landan July 10, 2006
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