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A sign of celebration as used by The Oakster, but also can be used by him as a sarcastic celebration as well.
I've retired from online RPing 25 times in two months! BOO YEAH!
by Chris Ridsdill November 21, 2003
A non-derogatory and harmless term that a person uses to express happiness or elation.
I just got my ISCI apprvoed on CBS... Booyeah!
by Mr Booyeah May 07, 2008
A term of celibration used when the person is particularly elated. Worksopian dilect of the yorkshire accent.
I got a perfect game. BOO YEAH!
by I J Moore October 14, 2007
From the Urban Culture, circa White Men Can't Jump.
Man 1: I got me some pussy.

Man 2: Booyeah!
by kjb March 25, 2005
Catch phrase of men with no testicles. Usually shouted upon premature ejaculation.
Girl: Hi! I'm Stacy!
Girl: I drive a red moped.
by slickownzyou March 01, 2003
Words uddered while ass fucking a tranny with a strap on tire iron
Also see-woozle wuzzle
Billy:Oh, you're a tranny huh!?
Bertha Anne:yea
20 minutes later
Billy:Boo Yeh!!!!
by Anonymous March 03, 2003