A term of celibration used when the person is particularly elated. Worksopian dilect of the yorkshire accent.
I got a perfect game. BOO YEAH!
by I J Moore October 14, 2007
Top Definition
A non-derogatory and harmless term that a person uses to express happiness or elation.
I just got my ISCI apprvoed on CBS... Booyeah!
by Mr Booyeah May 07, 2008
A sign of celebration as used by The Oakster, but also can be used by him as a sarcastic celebration as well.
I've retired from online RPing 25 times in two months! BOO YEAH!
by Chris Ridsdill November 21, 2003
From the Urban Culture, circa White Men Can't Jump.
Man 1: I got me some pussy.

Man 2: Booyeah!
by kjb March 25, 2005
Catch phrase of men with no testicles. Usually shouted upon premature ejaculation.
Girl: Hi! I'm Stacy!
Girl: I drive a red moped.
by slickownzyou March 01, 2003
Words uddered while ass fucking a tranny with a strap on tire iron
Also see-woozle wuzzle
Billy:Oh, you're a tranny huh!?
Bertha Anne:yea
20 minutes later
Billy:Boo Yeh!!!!
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
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