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when you take things up the ass easily; when you get butt hurt a lot
Damn, all I said was her makeup didnt look good...what she gettin booty tickled for?

by carlmont11 October 17, 2007
The act of being extremely "butthurt"

Usually one is bootytickled because they lack a sense of humor or are just easily offended.
"Dude, she's kinda a bitch, don't cha think?"

"Woah! she is not a bitch! You're just jealous! Leave her alone, dick."

"Wow. You didn't have to get so bootytickled about it."
by Lamesauce11 November 03, 2011
When an individuals feelings are hurt by a something small & meaningless. Also called "Butthurt"
"The whole crews getting roasted bro, don't get Booty Tickled"
by Raptor Jesus 💃 June 27, 2015
1. To be tickled my a man's private

2.To be extremely butt-hurt

3.To let someone tease you
1. When I had intercourse last night, I booty-tickled her.

2. Man, she was getting so booty-tickled when I was just joking around.

3. That nerd got booty-tickled by my buddies
by TheLaffinMan July 02, 2012
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