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1.Line from a certain rap song, which is a very funny random thing to say and sing (see example).

2.A condition which is a blessing upon woman.
Booty do! Stomach stick farther than yo' booty do!
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
2 31
Often used as an insult, can also be used to describe a delicious looking booty. Similar to ba dunk-a-dunk but not necessarily meaning a HUGE ass.

A nice, round, shapely female ass.
While walking behind a fine young woman at the mall, Bygs looked down and noticed that the shorty had a super booty do.
by Nic La Rue February 08, 2005
6 59
It is like slang for a nice thick booty and the "do" part is short for DUDE.
Hey guh, look at dat boi rite thurr... there go yo BOOTY DO!
by Treeceej June 24, 2005
3 68