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A bottle rocket that when lit, ends up being a dud. And duds are booty. Hence the name- Booty Rocket.
Guy 1: Hey lets go light those bottle rockets.

Guy 2: OK!! *lights match*

Guy 1 and 2: *waiting for explosion*

Guy 1: Damn booty rockets mah nigg.
by Toady Boy July 05, 2009
When a human let's out a massive fart resembling the sound of a rocket lifting off.
Damnnnnnn Ari just let out an extreme booty rocket
by brandofrmorlando May 11, 2015
When a girl (most likely some sort of prostitute) fills a condom with various drugs and inserts it to a mans ass. After insertion, the condom is poped releasing the drugs and causing the man to get a massive erection. Usually, the only way to get rid of the erection is to go to the hospital and get the penis lanced by a doctor.
That hooker gave me a booty rocket I'll never forget.
by misfit2187 April 04, 2009
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