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When you see a hot girl/guy who knows your friends but who is unknown to you, you ask them for a Booty Breakdown. Then they'll explain all the details.

Based on a segment from an Episode of Scrubs (My Turf War), when Turk gives the Booty Breakdown to JD, on one of Elliot's friends.
- "Whoa. I have to admit it guys, that girl is f*cking hot. I've never met her though, but you know her. Give me a Booty Breakdown on that chick, because I want to know all about her." -

- - "O-M-G, Katie. I've just met this guy....he would be perfect for you."
"Jessica, you know that I don't deal with men before I've heard the Booty Breakdown. Come on, spill it. What's he like?" - -
by Valmeijita May 06, 2008
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